Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Almighty Toilet

I was on a bus heading north. There was enough light for people to mistake this time of the year for Spring. Yet the trees were dormant. There was frost all over their thick barks. Their leaves lay on the ground as if they had wanted it this way. The bus moved across the city and in 5 stops I was out of this grand mess called Brno. It all seemed happy as Clone by Metric played on my head.

The sky was red fading into blue and the people were slowly going to work.

"It's too late in the day,Too late in the day to turn it around or change my mind
It's too late in the day to take you on all the rides
It's too late in the day to tell me I'm off the path
We're already in the aftermath"

I sang to myself.

It was the 5th. stop and I had to get off. I looked at my phone in order to see the time and see if I could at least light up a cigarette to help me with the wait. Indeed, I had 6 minutes to kill a camel. Kill it   for the sake of the waiting. So I did. 

I saw a girl running from afar. And my next bus was up to pick me up. Bus number 1. I got on and then I was off again. I turned around and I saw the smoke of the cigarette butt that I forgot to put out making the most delightful plumes of white. 

Then the flushing sound of the toilet behind me brought me back to reality. I had finished long ago, but for some reason I just stood there, thinking of something I would never write. Thinking of something that seemed too beautiful to be true. I zipped up. Washed my hands. And there I was again. In my office, full of people I would never like. I just couldn't wait for the next time I had time to escape my white-collar endeavor.

Immanuel Kant

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